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So, here you are. You’ve found my photography site. Welcome. I hope you enjoy your stay. I want Mutual Earth to have a friendly, community-like feel. I want you to feel that you can ask questions, or criticise, or suggest things as you see fit. The only thing I ask are the usual- nothing abusive or racist, no personal attacks, and keep criticisms helpful or at least have substance. You can contact me here, but please keep messages to things that can’t be put elsewhere, like the Suggestion Box. There’s also a Mailing List in which I’ll keep you up to date with news and goings on. There is merchandise for sale too in the Shop, and a News section which will be added to as and when I want to, so don’t set your watch or calendar by it! I also include a Links page, and am happy to link to anything or anyone relevant- photographers, zoos, organisations, charities, products etc. If you want to be linked to, use the contact form or use the Suggestion Box, and please feel free to link to me (keep it relevant) but do let me know. The Suggestion Box is for any suggestions or requests, it can be recommendations for Photographers, criticisms on the website, ideas for merch, anything. And finally, please sign the Guest Book, and leave a comment.


Natural Photography

I like nature and believe strongly that we don’t do anywhere near enough when it comes to conservation, both globally and here at home in the UK. I also find it sad that so many wildlife photographers seem to feel that people are only interested in photographs of exotic and rare animals. Don’t get me wrong, if an opportunity to go and take photos of Lions or Polar Bears presents itself, I’m going to take it. It doesn’t, however, mean I’m going to forget about House Sparrows and Woodpigeons. These are creatures we see every day of our lives, so why not highlight the ordinary and mundane as well. I’m a normal person, and I like it when people are nice to me, so why not do it for the normal animals? When I go to zoos, I take all the pictures through the bars. I don’t try and go behind the scenes, no keeper for a day type passes. I think it’s important to raise awareness and interest and that we keep photography as accessible as possible.


The Way Nature Intended

I also believe that photography is in the camera. I don’t mean that you need an expensive camera to get good pictures, I mean that I don’t really believe in Photoshop. I use it mainly to enrich colours when an image is for sale, and even then only sparingly. The pictures on the site are available unPhotoShopped, but the pictures on display have been touched up, so if you don’t want them touched, let me know via email when you order.

I use a Nikon D300S, but some of the pictures were taken on a Nikon D40. I used to use Nikkor 18-55mm and 55-200mm lens, but have now upgrade them to a single lens! My other lens is a Sigma 150-500mm. My Tripod is a Jessops Major, and the bag is Lowepro. I have no other accessories, much as I’d like them!



Lastly, and by no means leastly, thank-yous. First off, a massive thank you to Natalie for replacing my old 300DS with a new one- a surprise present that had me speechless at a time when In was cameraless, and saw no light at the end of the tunnel!

HUGE thanks to Adam for donating webspace and helping me use the prog to build the site. I couldn’t have done it without you, and thanks to his wife Jen for going without him when he did so.

2 people who barely know me are Jai and Kieran, yet they are responsible for getting more people on the FaceBook group than any other people. Not together- they don’t have a clue who the other is, but they both went above and beyond the call of duty in populating the group. I worship them.

Thanks to everyone who visited previous incarnations of Mutual Earth, and all FB group members, FB page Likers, Twitter followers etc.

Lastly, thanks to you, obviously for visiting my site, but also for reading this far and making these thanks mean something!

Now let’s go look at some pretty pictures…

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